holistic wellness services for women:

Massage~ Reflexology~ Self-Development coaching

Women's Holistic Heath Services and Self-Development Coaching Sessions

When was the last time you spoke to someone and received the personal attention that you deserve? Are you struggling with recognizing your true value and implementing self-care?  Schedule a 60 minute wellness consultation at no cost!

Invest in yourself starting today!

Self-care is not selfish. It simply means to honor and treat yourself as kindly as you treat others.  Take a true inventory.........

What does your mind, body and spirit need for support right now?  

"A Designed Therapeutic Massage For You."

A combination of different massage techniques customized to meet your needs.  It helps with pain, inflammation, muscular tension and anxiety. Includes organic, therapeutic essential oils. * Most popular.

"A Designed Therapeutic Massage For You."

60 minutes $70

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"Soothe the Soles" Integrative Reflexology

A therapeutic foot massage encouraged by pressure applied to specific areas of the feet to bring healing, balance and restoration to the systems in the body.  Includes a herbal or essential oil foot soak. Most clients describe session as "I feel like I'm floating."

"Soothe the Soles"

60 minutes $60

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"Seeking Truth and Creating Happiness! Coaching session

Self-development coaching sessions that are geared to help women recognize and embrace their true value by investing in themselves without excuses! Customized based on  needs of  support and encouragement. Some topics of discussion include: Signature Strengths, Family History, Passion/Purpose and Forgiveness.

"Seeking Truth and Creating Happiness!" Coaching Session

75-90 minutes $90

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What Clients Are Saying About Tina...

Tina Lee is compassionate within her perfection.  You don't feel the same going out as you did coming into one of her sessions.

C. Thomas Wilmington, NC

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