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Women's Holistic Heath Services and Self-Development Coaching Sessions

When was the last time you spoke to someone and received the personal attention that you deserve? Are you struggling with recognizing your true value and implementing self-care?  Schedule a 60 minute wellness consultation at no cost!

Invest in yourself starting today!

Swedish Massage 

 A firm, relaxing massage incorporated with organic, therapeutic oils to help reduce pain, stress, lower blood pressure, remove toxins, improve sleep and to help manage anxiety and depression.  Not a deep tissue massage but a "generalized feeling of relaxation" with benefits.  *Signature Masssage

60 minutes

Therapeutic Massage
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Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatic massage which allows the benefits of the organic, therapeutic oils to provide healing to the body, mind and spirit via diffusion and topical use.  Choose Lavender/Cedarwood for calm, Peppermint for muscle tension and a customized hormonal blend for imbalanced hormones. 

60 minutes

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Massage Cupping

Cupping used to addressed stubborn areas of the neck, shoulder and back.  Decreases inflammation, pain and encourages circulation to promote optimal healing to muscles and tissue.

30 minutes​

Integrative Reflexology
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Foot Reflexology

Foot massage that addresses specific reflex points on the bottom of the feet to bring balance, healing and relaxation to all parts of the body. *Great for tired feet, neuropathy and plantar fascitis. An essential oil footsoak is included.

45 minutes​

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"I Matter!" Self-Development Coaching Session

Are you always putting yourself last?  An inspirational talk session that addreses signature points on self-care.  Helps to fulfull self-worth and authenticity.  Energy Therapy-Access Consciousness included to promote awareness and clarity.

*For more details about "I Matter!" program,  click here www.tinaleewellness.com/signature-wellness-program

"I Matter!" Wellness Session
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Energy Therapy- Access Consciousness

Gentle, energetic healing touch that addresses specific points on the head to assist with releasing old thoughts, feelings, emotions and judgments.  Great for anxiety, awareness and clarity! Not a massage. Fully clothed on the massage table.

30 minutes 

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